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Injection Molded Medical Blood Storage System

Injection Molded Medical Blood Storage System

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Injection Molded Medical Blood Storage System
    A medical industry client required a stacked blood storage system that goes into a freezer where the blood-filled vials can be selected by a pick-and-place machine. Stelray Plastic Products, Inc. managed the project, which included the mold and component manufacturing, sourcing, assembly and shipping. We also took on the tooling design and built the injection mold as well as the assembly fixture. Stelray Plastic Products injection molded the plastic side pieces in addition to sourcing the die-cast pieces and hardware for the assemblies.

The part is 5.5" high, 5.375" long and 3.875" wide. We used a top-fill polypropylene for the plastic parts and zinc for the die-cast parts and packaged everything in Gaylord boxes. Our turnaround time was 5 to 6 weeks and our full dimensional in-process testing and inspection ensured that we met the customer-supplied and FDA specifications. For more information on this project please see below or get in touch with us to find out how we can provide your perfect solution.

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Highlights of this Injection Molded Manufacturing Project

Product Description This blood storage system is used within an automated blood storage system. This system goes into a freezer and stacked 26 high, vials containing blood are stored on each shelf and are selected via a pick and place machine.
Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes
Project Management
  • Mold Manufacturing
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Sourcing
  • Assembly
  • Shipping
Tooling Design and Build
  • Injection Mold
  • Assembly Fixture
Injection Molding
  • Mold Plastic Side Pieces
  • Source Die Cast Pieces
  • Source Hardware for Assembly
Screw Machining
  • Design Packaging Solution
  • Packaged In Gaylords for best protection
Overall Blood Storage System Dimensions
Height: 5.5"
Length: 5.375"
Width: 3.875"
Material Used Plastic: Top Fill Polypropylene
Die Cast Parts: Zinc
In process testing/inspection performed Full Dimensional Inspection
Volume On-Going Project
Industry for Use Medical
Delivery Time 5 to 6 Weeks
Delivery Location Massachusetts
Standards Met Customer supplied Specifications
FDA on Poly Propylene
Product Name Blood Storage System

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