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Custom Injection Molded Component for a Window Shade Assembly

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Stelray Plastic Products, Inc. produced this end housing that is used on a pin, in a power window shade assembly for a home interior industry client. We provided the injection molding of the polycarbonate end housing and inserted the bronze bushing into the housing while the material was still expanded from the heat. We knew that the interior diameter of the bushing was a critical dimension because it was the key to a proper fit. The part measured 4.5" long with an outside diameter of 2.000". It took us eight weeks to do the tooling and 2 to 3 weeks to produce each 1,000 unit run for delivery to Connecticut and California.

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Highlights of this Custom Injection Molded Project for the Home Interior Industry

Product Description This pin end housing is used within a power window shade assembly.
Custom Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes
Injection Molding
Mold Sourcing
  • Bronze Bushing Inserted into Housing While Material Is Still Expanded from the Heat
  • I.D. For Bushing is a Critical Dimension for Proper Fit
Overall Part Dimensions Length:4.500"
O.D.: Ø2.000"
Tightest Tolerances  
Material Used Housing: Polycarbonate
Bushing: Brass
In process testing/inspection performed Full Dimensional Inspection
Volume 1,000 Units Per Run
Industry for Use Home Interior
Delivery Time Tooling: 8 Weeks
Product: 2 to 3 Weeks
Delivery Location Connecticut
Standards Met Custom Supplied Specifications
Product Name Pin End Housing

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